Our Host

150€ / year

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50% DISCOUNT for the first year on hosting if you chose our host and our website design 

Specifications of our host

The amount of SSD space dedicated for your use.

The amount of data that can go through your hosting account.

The amount of processor power and RAM (random access memory) available.

Implementation of the leading Linux server platform that guarantees server efficiency, stability, and uptime.

Optimized images for better & quick web response.  

Daily data backups that ensure the safekeeping of data, databases, emails and other files.

A guarantee that our servers work 99.9% of the time. All servers are monitored 24/7 by an expert team of admins and engineers.

A browser-based tool that allows you to manage all the files on your hosting account and website.

The total amount of subdomains you can create across all owned domains on a single account.

Up to date plug ins, themes and server response and more

What we offer you if you chose our servers

Hosting unlimited number of email accounts with your domain ([email protected]). Also weekly backups for all e mails accounts.

A free SSL certificate for your website. The certificate encrypts data at the transport layer, making sure it cannot be compromised, eavesdropped or forged, protecting your site and visitors.

24/7 support for our clients for any issue

File Transfer Protocol or FTP accounts. You can use these accounts to transfer and store data. 
Otherwise known as Secure Shell access – a type of interface that permits safe access from a remote computer.

A webmail client that allows you to process receive, send and manage your email correspondences efficiently, from the comfort of your preferred browser.